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After concluding the Origami Architecture project by the seniors, the Fourth Formers of the Mathematics Society decided to undertake a similar project, Polyhedra.

The polyhedra project reflects the syllabus taught in the course of the Malaysian education system. In Modern Mathematics, geometry is taught extensively and this has spurred the project committee to decide on pursuing the Polyhedra project. The polyhedra project provides a hands-on exposure of geometry. Not only are the polyhedron very attractive but they also serve as a teaching tool to encourage students to explore the applications of the geometry discipline.

Golden Ratio
In the production of polyhedra, the golden ratio is used in many forms, especially in the slide-together polyhedra. The basic building blocks of the slide-through polyhedra are made by using this golden ratio, 1.618033. As the golden ratio has special significance in mathematics, the polyhedra project teaches the students mathematical principles unobtained from other disciplines. For more information of the golden ratio, please visit Wikipedia

Polyhedra types

In our project we have explored many types of polyhedra.

A polyhedron is a geometric shape which in mathematics is defined by three related meanings. In the traditional meaning it is a 3-dimensional polytope, and in a newer meaning that exists alongside the older one it is a bounded or unbounded generalization of a polytope of any dimension. Further generalizing the latter, there are topological polyhedra. -Wikipedia

In our polyhedra gallery we exhibit our works transversing the Platonic solids and Kepler-Poinsot solids for regular polyhedron, Archimedean solids, and even Stellations for our Slide-Together Polyhedra. These geometrical polyhedra carries different difficulties in making and designing. Accurate and precise cutting techniques must be mastered in order to produce such works. The polyhedra team have been dedicated and are committed in producing world-class works for the Mathematics Society of SMK Pendang.

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