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Students at Work

The polyhedra managing committee and artists lining up for a group photo. The members of this committee are from the Fourth Form of SMK Pendang under the supervision of the teacher-in-charge Ms. Teh Phei Choo. The managing committee have produced, designed and guided the polyhedra team through their endeavours in this year and will continue doing so all the way up to the SPM exam (High School Graduation).

These are the top three students who produced the most excellent polyhedra. They are part of the committee in-charge of this project.


Jan 10 The proposal to begin the Polyhedra project is put forward to Ms. Teh Phei Choo, the teacher-in-charge and founder of the Mathematics Society of SMK Pendang. Our proposal was comprehensive and detailed, showing the numerous methods and approaches we plan to undertake as well as contingency plans. The managing committee spent the vacation period to plan and produce this proposal in order to convince Ms. Teh that this is still a viable project despite being pursued by the senior batch
Jan 30 Confirmation and clearance given to the project committee to pursue this project. The project committee started the Internet search for existing designs and we officially launched the project during a Mathematics Society Extra-ordinary General Meeting (EGM). In this meeting, future artists were identified as well.
Mar 30 The project committee learnt from the downloaded designs and begin to make our own original designs of polyhedra. It was in this period of time that the project committee came out with the original designs good in quality as well as quantity. Up to this date, we created 5 new designs, ranging from the simple polyhedra to more complex ones
May 15 We launched the polyhedra project official website but on another web-host. During this period of time, the project committee produced numerous polyhedra. By May 15 the committee and artists have mastered the techniques of production and design of polyhedra. The project grew in size.
July 10 By July 10, our polyhedra collection rivalled the Origami Architecture collection produced by our seniors. The website is further updated and implanted into the Origami Architecture website on this date.
Sept 11 The competition for polyhedra is scheduled to be held on this date.
October The project will be wrapped up by October in preparation for the national examinations

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