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Students at work

This page is to pay tribute to the students who have worked hard to make our success possible in the Origami Architecture project as well as other supporting projects like the scrap book and Mathematics Society Poster Mural project. The following is an short photo-story giving a glimpse into the effort put in to make this a success.

Armed with only glue, construction paper and a pair of scissors, the Origami Architecture team set into motion after a stroke of inspiration from the managing committee of the Mathematics Society. Progress was slow at first but the learning curve peaked just a week after our initial piece, a simple "step". Working after classes, both students and teachers put in their utmost effort in completing a whole range of Origami Architecture and in fact further explored the unknown by designing new Origami Architecture templates.

Featuring our teacher-in-charge, not only giving instructions but dipped her hands into helping out in our Origami Architecture effort. Directing from the sidelines at times, and actually showing us by example the methods of Origami Architecture, Puan Teh, being a rookie in this subject as well claimed she have learnt more about Origami Architecture from our projects. Teachers and students working closely together is our prime recipe to this success.

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